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Sad Rona Shayari and Crying Status in Hindi

Aansu Shayari: When there is a pain in the heart, tears are inevitable from the eyes. Sometimes the condition becomes such that we cannot take care of them and are not able to make a statement in front of anyone. In such a situation, pain becomes a canker in the heart, resulting in tears through the eyes. Friends, never let sorrow be hidden in your heart. By doing this, you may get depressed. There are many ways to relieve pain, which makes the heart lighter. We have brought a straightforward and effective way by means of Aansu Shayari in Hindi for you in this article.

With the help of these Aansu Shayari, you can share your emotions on any social media platform. Apart from this, you can also take the help of Crying Shayari if you want. Tears have their own distinct language. Only those who are going through such conditions can understand them. Everyone’s grief has its own reasons. Someone cheats in love while some get upset due to their family problems. In such a situation, keeping these feelings inside your heart is not beneficial. It is good if you can share it with someone.

But if you do not have someone with whom you share your heartache, then you are not alone. We have brought you Aansu Shayari or Rona Shayari, which you can also share with your relatives. The fun of reading Aansu Shayari in Hindi and sharing it with someone special is different. Nowadays, getting cheated on in love is also very common. If you are heartbroken, then we have prepared a great collection of Crying Shayari for you. You can share any of your favorite Shayari with anyone from this collection. So let’s start reading it.

Aansu Shayari in Hindi

😔 अभी से क्यूँ छलक आये तुम्हारी आँख में आँसू
अभी छेड़ी कहाँ है दास्तान-ए-ज़िंदगी मैने | 😢

Abhi se kyun chalak aaye tumhari aankh mein aansu
Abhi chedi kahan hai daastaan-e-zindagi maine.

Dard Bhari Rona Shayari in Hindi
aansu shayari

😔 जब लफ्ज़ थक गए तो फिर आँखों ने बात की
जो आँखें भी थक गयी तो अश्कों से बात हुई | 😢

Jab lafz thak gaye toh phir aankhon ne baat ki
Jo aankhein bhi thak gayi toh ashkon se baat hui.

aansu shayari
rona shayari

😔 न जाने कौन सा आँसू मेरा राज़ खोल दे
हम इस ख़्याल से नज़रें झुकाए बैठे है | 😢

Na jaane kaun sa aansu mera raaz khol de
Hum iss khayaal se nazrein jhukaye baithe hai.

aankhon mein aansu shayari
crying shayari

😔 रोने वाले तो दिल में ही रो लेते है
आँखों में आँसू आये ये ज़रूरी तो नहीं | 😢

Rone waale toh dil mein hi ro lete hai
Aankhon mein aansu aaye yeh zaroori toh nahi.

aansu shayari in hindi

😔 राह तकते हुए जब थक गई मेरी आँखें
फिर तुझे ढूंडने मेरी आँख के आँसू निकले | 😢

Raah takte hue jab thak gayi meri aankhein
Phir tujhe dhoondne meri aankh ke aansu nikle.

aansu shayari 2 lines

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