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140+ Best Aarzoo Shayari in Hindi | रोमांटिक आरज़ू शायरी

Best Collection of Aarzoo Shayari in Hindi

Aarzoo Shayari in Hindi

If you are looking for Aarzoo Shayari in Hindi, then friends, your search ends here. You will find an exceptional collection of 2 line Aarzoo Shayari in this article written by the world’s famous poets. When you feel connected to yourself and your life partner, you can share this आरज़ू शायरी with them on any social media platform without any hesitation, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Many of us do not know the meaning of Aarzoo; they do have aarzu, but they do not know what it is and the name of this feeling. If you are also one of these people, then we will remove your dilemma right now and explain to you in detail what Aarzoo realizes.

When we like something or someone very much and feel like seeing it again and again, this feeling is called Arzu. In this realization, the person or that favorite thing is in any condition to get or fulfill the desire, and when this chant gets Shayrana Andaz, new words are born, and when these words spread, the magic of love through which Aarzoo Shayari is born. Many poets have written 2 line Aarzoo Shayari and have been well-liked by the people. To bring this feeling further to you, we have collected a wonderful collection of Aarzoo Shayari in Hindi in our today’s article that your loved ones will surely like.

Aarzoo Shayari in Hindi

✍️ तेरे सीने से लगकर तेरी आरज़ू बन जाऊँ
तेरी साँसों से मिलकर तेरी खुशबू बन जाऊँ | 🕯️

Tere seene se lāgkār teri āārzoo bān jāāun
Teri sāānson se milkār teri khushbu bān jāāun.

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