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250+ Sad Alone Shayari in Hindi | तन्हाई | Tanhai Shayari

Best Collection of Alone Shayari in Hindi

alone shayari
Tanhai Alone Shayari in Hindi

If you are looking for Alone Shayari in Hindi, then you have come to the right place. Today we have brought Tanhai Shayari for you. This Shayari on loneliness will thicken you to be alone in your loneliness. If you wish, you can share the Alone Shayari in Hindi on this page with your loved ones, friends, or any special partner on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Nowadays, many people like Shayari on loneliness, which can be one reason for them being alone. When a person is alone, he likes Tanhai Shayari. You must have heard very often that it is easy for any person to associate himself with the same thing or similar condition that matches his circumstances. If spoken in another language, a person can understand only those situations through which the person himself has gone. If a person likes Alone Shayari in Hindi very much or talks about being lonely, then understand that he is very lonely in his life.

Some people often share only Tanhai Shayari on their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Such people only like Shayari on loneliness because nothing happens in their life except for loneliness. There can be many reasons for this. Like, either the person got cheated in love, or some lousy situation is going on in his family. People often prefer to be lonely only when a particular person has betrayed them or something terrible has happened to a person they love. To ease your loneliness, we have brought some amazing Alone Shayari in this article.

Alone Shayari in Hindi

🙁 कितनी अजीब है इस शहर की तन्हाई भी
हज़ारों लोग है मगर कोई उस जैसा नहीं है | 😔

Kitni ājeeb hāi iss sheher ki tānhāi bhi
Hāzāāron log hāi māgār koi us jāisā nāhi hāi.

Shayari on Loneliness


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