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230+ Best Attitude Shayari for Boys in Hindi | एटीट्यूड शायरी

Best Collection of Attitude Shayari in Hindi

Attitude Shayari for Boys
Attitude Shayari in Hindi

The boys mostly like Attitude Shayari in Hindi. Because with the help of Shayari on Attitude in Hindi, boys show their personality and status. You all know that nowadays is the era of social media. Everyone is connected to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. app. Everyone keeps posting something on all these social media platforms. If you also want to post something that your friends cannot stop seeing and reading, look at the Attitude Shayari for boys in Hindi on this page.

We all know how much time we all spend daily on social media. While scrolling social media, we spend more time looking at the status of others. People upload their status according to their minds, which shows what is going on in their life and what kind of person they are. Boys usually prefer Shayari with a lot of Attitude. They enjoy a lot by uploading such status. With the help of Attitude Shayari for Boys, they want to jealous their partner or give them a message.

It is often seen that our status depends on our mood. When we are happy, we upload Happy Shayari. When we are sad, we upload Sad Shayari on our social media. We want to show every activity of our lives to people on social media. Whose primary purpose is that our lives are not boring. There are other advantages of uploading these Attitude Shayri. Like some of our favorite companions get attention. Or even if someone wants to impress, given below Attitude Shayari in Hindi for Boys will be quite helpful.

Attitude Shayari for Boys

👑 बे-वक़्त, बे-वजह, बे-हिसाब मुस्कुरा देता हूँ
आधे दुश्मनों को तो यूँ ही हरा देता हूँ | 😎

Bewāqt, bewājāh, behisāāb muskurā detā hoon
Āādhe dushmānon ko toh yun hi hārā detā hoon.

Shayri Attitude


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