120+ Khwab Shayari in Hindi | ख्वाब शायरी | Dream Shayari

Best Collection of Khwab Shayari in Hindi

Khwab Shayari in Hindi

If you are also fond of sharing Shayari on the social media platform, our article today can be handy because we have brought Khwab Shayari in Hindi for you. You can share this beautiful Shayari with your friends, relatives or any other person without hesitation. We have prepared for you a collection of Dream Shayari (ख्वाब शायरी) to match every person, and you will feel connected to these Shayari. Along with this you can also read this Aankhen Shayari to any person you want.

Many writers have written thousands of stories, countless poems, and very good Shayari on Khwab. For this, we have brought you the best Dream Shayari in our article. With the help of these ख्वाब शायरी, you can express your feelings, and the person in front of you will understand your words very easily and be attracted towards you. We have also included Shayari of some famous poets, which you can also share with the poet’s name.

There will hardly be anyone in the world who has never seen a dream. Every person sees a dream in their life, whether it is to earn a lot of money, serve their parents, make a lot of progress in life, or get their love. If you have a dream like this, you will feel connected to our today’s article because we have prepared a collection of Khwab Shayari in Hindi (ख्वाब शायरी) for every kind of emotions. Let’s start without any delay !!!

Khwab Shayari in Hindi

💭 आ जाते है वो रोज़ ख्वाबों में
जो केहते है हम तो कहीं जाते ही नहीं | 🌙

Āā jāāte hāi woh roz khwāābon mein
Jo kehte hāi hum toh kāhin jāāte hi nāhi.

Khwab Shayari
Khwab Shayari in Hindi Font


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