170+ Dhoka Shayari in Hindi | धोखा शायरी | Dhokha Shayari

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Dhoka Shayari in Hindi

If you have been deceived in love and cannot convey that pain to anyone, then we have brought Dhoka Shayari in Hindi for you. In today’s article, you will read Shayari on Dhoka, in which you will be able to feel the pain of your heart. Even that person can understand the pain of your heart that has given you this sorrow. If a person reads this Pyar Me Dhoka Shayari (धोखा शायरी) shared by you, then a person may realize his/her mistake, and maybe he/she can also come back in your life.

There are very few people who, after being deceived in love, move on in their life and starts a new life. Usually, people live in the same pain for a long time and behave in front of the world as if they have no problem. But it is said that sharing your pain causes it to relieve, or else it worsens the mental and physical condition.

So friends, if you too have been deceived in love and have hidden pain in your heart, then the only advice we can give is to express this pain using Dhoka Shayari in Hindi. Along with this, if you want, you can also share Dhokha Shayari (धोखा शायरी) on your social media account like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Dhoka Shayari in Hindi

Dhoka Shayari

😔 दीवानगी का सितम तो देखो
के धोका मिलने के बाद भी चाहते है हम उनको | 💔

Deewāāngi kā sitām toh dekho
Ke dhokā milne ke bāād bhi chāāhte hāi hum unko.

😔 मुझ पर हक तुमने उस दिन खो दिया था
जिस दिन तुमने मुझे धोका दिया था | 💔

Mujh pār hāk tumne us din kho diyā thā
Jis din tumne mujhe dhokā diyā thā.

😔 यक़ीन था के तुम धोका दोगे मुझे
ख़ुशी है के तुम उम्मीद पे खरे उतरे | 💔

Yāqeen thā ke tum dhokā doge mujhe
Khushi hāi ke tum ummeed pe khāre utre.

😔 हम उसे याद बहुत आएँगे
जब उसे भी कोई धोका देगा | 💔

Hum use yāād bāhut āāyenge
Jāb use bhi koi dhokā degā.

😔 सच्चे दिल जब मिलते है
तो धोके का वजूद नहीं छोड़ते | 💔

Sācche dil jāb milte hāi
Toh dhoke kā wājood nāhi chodte.


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