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170+ Waqt Shayari in Hindi | वक्त शायरी | Time Shayari Image

Best Collection of Waqt Shayari on Time in Hindi

Waqt Shayari on Time in Hindi

Hello friends, if you are fond of reading Shayari, then today we have brought for you an exceptional collection of Waqt Shayari in Hindi, in which you will be able to read Time Shayari written by famous poets. There have been many poets in the world who have registered their poetry in different ways. We have shared some amazing वक्त पर शायरी of all those poets in our today’s article, which you will be able to share with your friends, relatives, or any other particular person. You can share Shayari on Time on any social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Words are such a wonderful thing, with the help of which you can express feeling inside you without saying it directly. When these words take a poetic style, they become Shayari. With Waqt Shayari in Hindi, you can also tell your friends that you need their time. If you are angry with them that they are not giving you time, they can talk to you very quickly with the help of these Time Shayari (वक्त पर शायरी). Your friends will understand you, or maybe the differences between the two of you may also fade away in a blink.

The word “time” hides many secrets in itself because whenever we remember a time spent, only we or those with whom we have spent our time know the actual value of those moments. Sometimes some are good moments full of happiness, and sometimes there is a time that there is nothing else in it except just grief. We never want such a sad time in our life again. There are some times in which we have not done anything other than just struggle.

These conflicts can also be associated with any phase of our life. So if we want to express time in words, we cannot find the right words. Friends, if you are also facing a similar problem, we have brought a collection of Waqt Shayari in Hindi (वक्त पर शायरी) for you, with the help of this you can express any moments you want.

Waqt Shayari in Hindi

Waqt Shayari

⌚️ बख़्शे हम भी न गए बख़्शे तुम भी न जाओगे
वक़्त जानता है हर चेहरे को बे-नक़ाब करना | ⏳

Bākhshe hum bhi nā gāye bākhshe tum bhi nā jāāoge
Wāqt jāāntā hāi hār chehre ko be-nāqāāb kārnā.

waqt shayari

⌚️ जब वक़्त करवट लेता है ना
तो बाज़ियां नहीं ज़िंदगीयाँ पलट जाती है | ⏳

Jāb wāqt kārwāt letā hāi nā
Toh bāāziyāān nāhi zindāgiyāān pālāt jāāti hāi.

rishte waqt shayari

⌚️ कपड़े और चेहरे अक्सर झूट बोला करते है
इंसान की असलियत तो वक़्त बताता है | ⏳

Kāpde āur chehre āksār jhoot bolā kārte hāi
Insāān ki āsliyāt toh wāqt bātāātā hāi.

waqt shayari in hindi

⌚️ पैसा कमाने के लिए इतना वक़्त खर्च ना करो की
पैसा खर्च करने के लिए ज़िंदगी में वक़्त ही न मिले | ⏳

Pāisā kāmāāne ke liye itnā wāqt khārch nā kāro ki
Pāisā khārch kārne ke liye zindāgi mein wāqt hi nā mile.

bura waqt shayari

⌚️ वक़्त मेरी तबाही पे हँसता रहा
रंग तक़दीर क्या क्या बदलती रही | ⏳

Wāqt meri tābāāhi pe hānstā rāhā
Rāng tāqdeer kyā kyā bādālti rāhi.

waqt kismat sad shayari


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