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200+ Barish Shayari in Hindi | बारिश शायरी | Shayari on Rain

Best Collection of Barish Shayari in Hindi

Barish Shayari on Rain

As soon as Rain’s name comes, different thoughts start coming to mind, which creates extra excitement in the heart. Many famous poets have written poems and stories on the Rain, which children, older men have liked, and young people, the most appreciated by the young ones is Barish Shayari in Hindi. Shayari on Rain is so interesting that everyone very much wants it because it makes them feel loved. Whenever a person reads Romantic Barish Shayari (बारिश शायरी), he cannot stop himself and quickly shares it with his life partner or any particular person.

If you also want to share Romantic Barish Shayari with your particular person, we have brought you an exciting Barsaat Shayari in Hindi. When you read, you will see for yourself how interesting and exciting it is. The most important thing about them is that you can share these Shayari on Rain (बारिश शायरी) on any social media platform, whether Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp. So guys, what are you waiting for now? If you were disturbed by searching for Romantic Barish Shayari, then you do not have to worry at all. Because by coming to this page, your search ultimately ends.

Whenever the weather takes a turn and Rain comes, there will be one special person that comes to your mind. Monsoon is a season that affects everyone’s heart, and most people get very romantic and love their partner very much. In such a situation, the heart keeps on praising their life partner only. But some people cannot find the right words to praise, and they are left far behind in these cases. If you are also one of these people, then you can take help from our Romantic Barish Shayari and praise your partner openly. So, let’s start today’s Shayari on Rain without overthinking.

Barish Shayari in Hindi

☔️ ख़ुद को इतना भी न बचाया कर
बारिश हुआ करे तो भीग जाया कर | 🌧️

Khud ko itnā bhi nā bāchāāyā kār
Bāārish huā kāre toh bheeg jāyā kār.

Barish Shayari


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