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180+ Sad Judai Shayari in Hindi | जुदाई शायरी | Judaai Shayari

Best Collection of Judai Shayari in Hindi

Judai Shayari in Hindi

If you are searching for a unique collection of Judai Shayari, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find the Hindi Judai Shayari (जुदाई शायरी), which you won’t find anywhere else as we have curated these Shayari by the famous poet of the world in our article.

The word separation itself is full of problems, and only those who have ever been related to someone can understand these issues. When a person is separated from his beloved one, nothing is left except for sorrow or grief. Day and night are cut off in memory of that particular person. Sometimes a person misses someone soo much that they want to see their beloved ones at any cost but is helpless.

If you, too, are connected to someone and cannot express your problems in words, then we have brought Judai Shayari in Hindi to help you. You will find all kinds of Judai Shayari in Hindi for girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband in this article. Therefore, whatever matches your grief, you can share it without any hesitation on any of your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp. If you feel that any of your friends need these Shayari on Judai (जुदाई भरी शायरी), then you can share them with them too.

Sometimes, we want to share our problems with someone, but we do not understand how to tell them because we do not get it because of the choice of the right words or because of the lack of words. If you face the same issue, you can choose your favorite Hindi Shayari from our given collection of Judaai Shayari and share it with the person you want to express your feelings. You can also tag anyone on social media platforms and share it on their profile if you want.

Judai Shayari in Hindi

😥 जुदाईयों के ज़ख़्म दर्द-ए-ज़िंदगी ने भर दिए
तुझे भी नींद आ गई मुझे भी सब्र आ गया | 😞

Judāiyon ke zākhm dārd-e-zindāgi ne bhār diye
Tujhe bhi neend āā gāyi mujhe bhi sābr āā gāyā.

Judai Shayari
Breakup Judai Sad Shayari

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