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Best Collection of Sorry Shayari in Hindi

sorry shayari
Sorry Shayari in Hindi

Sorry Shayari: Sometimes, even if we do not want to, we have to argue with someone or get angry. But later or sooner, we realize our mistake. We want to apologize to that person; we do not have words to speak. If you face the same problem, then we have brought Sorry Shayari in Hindi for you. With the help of these, you can apologize without any hesitation in a pinch, and we are sure that those you will apologize will also forgive you very happily.

Whether you want to apologize to your friends, more senior relatives, your siblings, or your partner, we have prepared an excellent collection of Sorry Shayari for everyone in our today’s article. Even if your girlfriend is angry with you, we have given below Sorry Shayari for Girlfriend in Hindi to convince her or share with her on any social media platform like- Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Apart from this, we have also written Sorry Shayari for Love, through which you can apologize to your lover. It often happens that our lover becomes unknowingly angry with us, and we do not even realize it. In such a situation, we should apologize to them differently without saying anything like we have brought sorry Shayari in Hindi for you today. These maafi Shayari ideas are very brilliant and distinct which your partner will also like.

Sorry Shayari in Hindi

Sorry Shayari
Mafi Shayari

🥺 अहंकार दिखा के किसी रिश्ते को तोड़ने से अच्छा है
के माफ़ी मांग कर वो रिश्ता निभाया जाए | 🙏

Āhānkāār dikhā ke kisi rishte ko todne se ācchā hāi
Ke māāfi māāng kār woh rishtā nibhāāyā jāāye.

🥺 ग़ुस्से में कुछ ज़्यादा हसीन लगते हो
बस यही सोच कर तुमको खफा रखा है | 🙏
“I ām Sorry”

Gusse mein kuch zyāādā hāseen lāgte ho
Bās yehi soch kār tumko khāfā rākhā hāi.
“I ām Sorry”

🥺 सच्चा प्यार वही होता है जो अपनी गलती ना होने पर भी
अपना रिश्ता बचाने के लिए माफ़ी मांग ले | 🙏

Sācchā pyāār wohi hotā hāi jo āpni gālti nā hone pār bhi
Āpnā rishtā bāchāāne ke liye māāfi māāng le.

🥺 तुम खफा हो गए तो कैसे जियेंगे हम
ज़िंदा तो रहेंगे पर ज़िंदगी न रहेगी | 🙏

Tum khāfā ho gāye toh kāise jiyenge hum
Zindā toh rāhenge pār zindāgi nā rāhegi

🥺 मानते है हम हो गई गलती
अब माफ़ भी कर दो | 🙏
“I ām Sorry”

Māānte hāi hum ho gāyi gālti
Āb māāf bhi kār do
“I ām Sorry”


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