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100+ Romantic Chand Shayari in Hindi | चाँद पर शायरी | Moon

Best Collection of Chand Shayari in Hindi

Chand Shayari in Hindi

ऐ काश हमारी क़िस्मत में ऐसी भी कोई शाम आ जाए, एक चाँद फ़लक पर निकला हो एक छत पर आ जाए। As you must have realized by reading this line, on which our today’s article is based. Yes friends, today we have brought an amazing collection of Chand Shayari in Hindi. We have brought you Shayari on Chand of all the famous poets around the world. If you want, you can share them with your friends, lover, Mehboob or Mehbooba and relatives on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Let’s start reading !!!

The moon is often mentioned to praise his lover. The moon has been a subject that has often been used uncountably in Romantic Shayari or poetry. Whether it is a poetry, a song or a ghazal, and when it comes to praise, it is a matter without any mention of the moon. The poets have often compared the moon’s beauty, and its brightness to their lovers and they have written such Chand Shayari (चाँद पर शायरी) in their praise that will surely make you happy.

Despite the moon being very beautiful, it also includes stains. These flaws make the moon more beautiful. It shines so brightly that it illuminates the whole world. Its cool and calmness is a sight to watch for everyone. Because of these qualities, the moon has attracted many poets and cannot stop praising the moon. Almost all the poets have praised their lover or Mehboob by resorting to the moon in a very interesting way. So if you also want to please your partner or Mehboob and make them happy, then you too can send them this beautiful Chand Shayari.

Chand Shayari in Hindi

😘 आज टूटेगा गुरूर चाँद का तुम देखना यारों
आज मैंने उन्हें छत पर बुला रखा है | 🌙

Āāj tootegā guroor chāānd kā tum dekhnā yāāron
Āāj māine unhein chāt pār bulā rākhā hāi.

Chand Shayari


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