Child Accident Insurance | Insurance for your child

What is covered by accident insurance for child?

Child Accident Insurance, Insurance for your child

We all only want the best for our children.

The thought of illness or injury to the child is almost unbearable.

That’s why a lot of people also think that it won’t happen to them: It won’t happen to our child.

However, all children can get sick, and all children can have major or minor accidents.

While this sounds like the worst nightmare, it could get even worse; it can turn into a nightmare you just can’t wake up from if you haven’t taken out child accident insurance for your child.

If you don’t have this, you can’t get anything covered by the insurance – not even if your child suffers a permanent injury.

Below you can read much more about child accident insurance; what it is, why it’s a good idea to draw it, and what it covers.

What is child accident insurance?

Child accident insurance is, as the name suggests, accident insurance for your child. Just as you should have accident insurance for yourself, you should also have one for your child. If your child has an accident or becomes ill, this insurance can cover some or all expenses in connection with this. This is especially relevant for children. They rarely sit still, their motor skills are not fully developed, they test their own limits – and this can mean injuries. Most people have tried to get hurt as children, and in order to give your child and yourself the best conditions, should this happen, you must take out this insurance.

Child accident insurance covers all places

Once upon a time, the children were covered by child accident insurance, which the municipality could take out when they were in an institution. However, this is no longer the case. If your child is injured at school, in kindergarten or elsewhere, there is no insurance that covers it – unless you have taken out child accident insurance.

This insurance covers your child, regardless of where they are; whether it is at home, at school, on the playground or in a completely fourth place is thus subordinate. With this insurance, your child is always covered in the event of injury and/or illness.

What does child accident insurance cover?

When you take out child accident insurance, you must always check with the relevant insurance company what the insurance covers. As a starting point, however, child accident insurance always covers compensation if your child is permanently disabled after illness or injury. Typically, the compensation basis starts at a loss of 5 percent.

In addition, child accident insurance also typically covers treatment by a chiropractor, physiotherapist or other if this is necessary after an accident. If your child has damaged one or more teeth in an accident, child accident insurance also covers this. This also applies even if the damage does not become apparent until many years later, or if for some other reason the treatment only starts later.

Child accident insurance covers dental injuries, even if they are treated after the child has become an adult – as long as you report the dental injury to the insurance as soon as it occurs.

Children’s accident insurance often also covers hospital stays for you in connection with your child’s illness, just as you can be paid a lump sum in connection with the diagnosis of certain illnesses.

Difference between child accident insurance and child insurance

Different insurance companies have different policies – and therefore you must also always check the coverage in the child accident insurance with the individual insurance companies. Some insurance companies distinguish between child accident insurance and child insurance. You must be aware of this if you want to take out accident insurance for your child.

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