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Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer
Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

Car crashes are not uncommon in Los Angeles, making every driver, passenger, and pedestrian at risk of getting seriously or even fatally injured. This is why it is extremely important for everyone to know that they are protected by California personal injury laws, which give car accident victims the right to claim for both economic and non-economic damages using Los Angeles car accident lawyer.

However, proving the fault of the negligent party or parties involved can be quite tricky and overwhelming, which is why victims should be represented by topnotch attorneys.
Los Angeles has one of the most respected and experienced Los Angeles law firms that provide top quality legal services to car accident victims. These law firms and its ever-reliable and aggressive car accident injury attorneys are well-known for handling cases of:

  • Car accidents (including rear-end collisions, head-on collisions, roll overs, and fender bender)
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • SUV, truck, semi-truck accidents
  • Wrongful death due to traffic accident

Some of the best Los Angeles car accident lawyers do not compromise and do not settle for less, they provide the best representation and legal services possible. If you have a car accident case in Los Angeles, and you want to be supported by the best attorneys, then you can check this list of Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers.

Car accident claims have been prolific in the Los Angeles, even under the mercy of governing traffic laws which aim to provide a safe traveling environment for those who regularly hit the road. Some of the car accident claims have been brought to a settlement trial because of sheer negligence. This negligence takes the form of either of the following:

• Manufacture defects of car parts
• Insufficient road signs
• Road obstructions
• Distracted drivers

This can result to various forms of car accidents, the type of which depends on the region of the car where the other vehicle has hit. A head-on collision is the deadliest type of accident which usually occurs on a road where the opposing lanes are not divided by a distinct lane-divider. Side collisions are also deadly especially if the collision is broadside, meaning that the colliding car smashed head-on on the whole side of another vehicle.

Rear-end collisions typically poses the risk of whiplash injuries for the car’s inhabitants. Single rollover collisions are typically the ones which occur on Sports Utility Vehicles. This type of collision typically gives severe head injuries to those involved and is caused by slippery roads or bad car design.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Los Angeles

Generally, motor vehicle accidents occur as a result of negligent behaviors or misdemeanor. The drivers’ failure to abide by the traffic rules and to implement reasonable care in operating their automobiles makes them more prone to road disasters. Other causes may include the following:

  • Ignoring the traffic signs and warnings
  • Driver incompetence
  • Speeding above and beyond the allowable limits
  • DUI
  • Excessive conversation with other passengers
  • Tail-gaiting
  • Failure to implement regular car safety check
  • Disregarding the weather and road conditions
  • Legal Implications

The Personal Injury Law, otherwise known as “Tort Law”, that covers such cases clearly states that any negligent acts of an individual, which cause harm or damages to another can be a ground for a legal action. In a car accident claim, therefore, the victims may file their charges in order to recover suitable compensations against the party responsible for their injuries.

Yet, because of the intricacy of the laws and litigation procedures associated with it, the victims will have great possibility of keeping silent about it or just rely on the small amount offered by the other party. This is combined with their worries on where to get money to pay their legal counsels.

What do you do if you get in a car accident?

Getting involved in a car accident is truly a devastating and traumatic experience. Aside from dealing with physical pain, you will also likely deal with financial difficulties. It is common among car accident victims to lose significant amount of money due to absences from work, hospital bills, medication and rehabilitation expenses, and property repairs.

If you get involved in a car crash in Los Angeles, your natural instinct should be is to contact the best car accident lawyers who can help you pursue a personal injury case. However, you must also know the first things you need to do right after the accident.

  1. Prioritize safety – After the crash, your priority is your safety and health. Assess yourself and check if you sustained any serious injuries. If you have companion with you, make sure to check him or her as well. It is also imperative to call emergency for medical assistance. Keep in mind that even if your injuries may seem minor, it is still a must to have it checked by medical professionals.
  2. Stay away from further danger – Keep out of harm’s way by going to a safer place like the shoulder or emergency bay of the road. This will ensure your safety and prevent others from being involved in the accident as well. It is strongly recommended not to move too much while waiting for emergency unit to arrive as you may further injure yourself.
  3. List down important information – Write down vital information related to the accident, such as the other driver’s plate number, name, address, and insurance provider, as well as the time and date of the accident. These pieces of information would come in handy when you pursue a personal injury case with the help of car crash attorneys. Furthermore, from your point of view, write down what triggered the accident and what happened afterwards. It is crucial to list these pieces of information right away while the incident is still fresh in your mind.
  4. Don’t negotiate just yet – It is best to keep quite after the incident. You may be tempted to apologize to the other driver even if you were not at fault. The trauma of the accident may confuse you or leave you shaken, which may cause you to commit lapse in judgment. Keep in mind that anything you say may be used against you, which may compromise your car accident claim. Simply put, don’t negotiate and don’t talk.
  5. Photograph the accident scene – Using your smart phone or digital camera, take photos of the accident scene, especially the car, the skid marks, car dents, your injuries, and the place where the accident took place. Pictures can serve as good pieces of evidence, which can be used to prove the fault of the other party.
  6. Contact Los Angeles car accident lawyer – A lawyer’s assistance is mandatory if you want to recover damages from the negligent individual involved. Your vehicle accident lawyer will ensure you of the best representation and legal services possible. He or she will make sure that the other party will compensate you with economic and non-economic damages, which will help you get back to your pre-accident state.

Appointing an Attorney’s Aid for Car Accident Los Angeles

Many of the victims do not understand that many legal professionals offer their expert advices and representations on a “contingent basis” – meaning, the clients will just have to pay the attorney if they already got a successful verdict.

Los Angeles car accident lawyer’s help on these cases is just as important for it ensures that the injured victims will get an equal opportunity before the law. A legal counsel also has the capability to manage a claim towards victory.

You can have a free consultation with any expert car accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

Working with experienced and client-centric car accident lawyers in Los Angeles will give you peace of mind, something you need in order to jumpstart your way to full recovery from injuries and emotional stress due to the accident. This team of reliable attorneys will assure of the following:

  • Utmost respect and support in every stage of your case; from the initial consultation until the case is resolved in your favor.
  • Prove the fault of the negligent individual/s involved, and make sure that you get the justice you deserve.
  • Educate you of your rights under personal injury laws and associated laws.
  • Mentor you of the things you should and should not do while the case is being processed for you to maximize your chances at winning it.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company for you to receive maximum compensations for hospital bills, car damage repairs/replacement, rehabilitation, income lost, future income losses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, and loss of consortium.

Los Angeles car accident lawyers should have more than ample of experience in handling various types of car accident cases. You can be sure that from the hour you consult with them, your case will be handled by professionals who have genuine passion for assisting personal injury victims. They should be with you in every step of the way.

A car accident, regardless whether minor or major crash, is a painful and overwhelming experience. Despite this, you should not feel down and alone as you can always get the support you need from topnotch lawyers. Remember the tips provided above so in case you get involved in one, you know what to do in order to win your case and receive maximum amount of injury compensations.

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