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Expert Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer
Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you have been in a bicycle accident, immediately talk to Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer who will be able to provide you with an evaluation of your case once they gather all the necessary details.

Bicycle accidents happen in Los Angeles on a daily basis, and if you are a cyclist, you should know your rights under California personal injury law.

If you are a victim of bike accident, you can claim for injury damages, which may include hospital bills, loss of income, loss of future income, bicycle repair or replacement, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, emotional distress, and mental anguish.

However, asserting for your rights can be quite tricky hence you need guidance and representation of a good bicycle accident attorney in Los Angeles.

Facts about Los Angeles Bicycle Accidents

In the United States, particularly in Los Angeles, California, riding bicycles has been an increasing its popularity among the people. Due to the continuous upsurge of the petroleum price, many stepped down on their motor vehicles and thought of other alternatives in traveling to and from their offices, schools etc.

Besides, bicycle riding may also be a good form of exercise, which cost cheaper than utilizing other mechanical equipment.

However, many bicycle enthusiasts are caught unknown of the fact that traveling around the city with these two-wheeled vehicles may put them in a lot of risks. A large number of Los Angeles bicycle accidents are being very prevalent – causing serious injuries, damages and even death to individuals.

Despite of the incessant safety warnings of the government and other civic societies, bicycle accidents still prevail on our thoroughfares. Recent studies show that a person either sustains injuries or dies due to such accidents in every six minutes.

Properly Managing Bicycle Accidents in Los Angeles

Bicycle accidents in Los Angeles may happen unpredictably. The least that we could do then is to make sure that we are strictly implementing safety in riding our bikes. But then, if you or someone in your family has been involved in this unfortunate scenario, considering these actions may be helpful for you:

  • Maintain your composure and avoid panic especially if you sustained any injuries
  • Obtain sufficient and appropriate information on the accident. This includes:
  1. the name and contact details of the party who hit you including those of the possible witnesses who may testify for you
  2. the traffic situation and other conditions when the accident happened
  3. details on the other party’s insurance
  4. accounts or pictures of the damages and injuries that you incurred
  • Get medical treatment as soon as possible and record all your expenses for future reimbursement
  • Consult a well-reputed bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles for proper advice and assistance in filing a claim against the responsible party

Even professional cyclists are not safe from being victims of these terrible mishaps. Considering the sizes and weights of other types of vehicles on the road, a slightest strike to a bike might cause the life of a person.

Thus, to make sure you are on the right track in obtaining justice and suitable reimbursements for your bicycle accident involvement, appoint the expertise of Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer. A credible legal advocate will ensure you of recovering the biggest compensations.

A good Bicycle Accident Lawyer should have ample of experience in handling accident cases; they should know how to aggressively defend the rights of clients. Using the most advanced knowledge of tort laws, they should successfully prove the fault of the negligent driver or parties involved in the case, ensuring clients favorable results. Pursuing a bicycle accident case in Los Angeles can be overwhelming as you have to deal with complex nature of personal injury laws, but if you are represented by an experienced bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles, you can be certain that you will be entitled to injury compensations. A legal professionals will help you in:

  • Proving the fault of the driver involved, ensuring that he or she will face legal consequences for failing to provide duty of care.
  • Gathering important pieces of evidence that can help you win your case.
  • Informing you of your rights as a bike accident victim.
  • Negotiating with the insurance company to ensure that you will receive maximum compensations.
  • Guiding you in every stage of the claim, from the initial consultation until your case is resolved in your favor.

What You Should Do to Win Los Angeles Bike Accident Case?

Bicycle accidents can cause serious physical injuries, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI), road rash, bone fractures, bone dislocation, severe cuts and bruises, among many more. Needless to say, if you get involved in one, you are at risk of sustaining life-threatening injuries. Fortunately, there are laws that protect the rights and interests of bicycle accident victims. Pursuant to personal injury laws, victims have to right to claim for damages from the driver or parties whose negligence has caused the accident. However, winning such case is easier said than done.

Winning a bike accident case in Los Angeles is not complicated at all if you know what to do with it. If you hired an experienced and topnotch Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer, you should not worry about it. However, you must know that if you make mistakes, you can compromise your whole claim. In order to win your bike accident case in Los Angeles, there are things you need to do and consider, including the following:

  • Write down information of the incident – When you get involved in a road accident, make sure that you take note of the important details, such as time of the incident, what caused it from happening, name of the motor vehicle driver, plate number of the vehicle, insurance provider of the driver, and other related information. These pieces of information are vital because they will serve as your evidence when you file a case.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene and your injuries – Use your smart phone or any device with camera to photograph the accident scene, the damage to your bicycle and the vehicle, your injuries, as well as other important elements of the scene. These pictures will serve as valuable pieces of evidence when you pursue a bike accident case.
  • Document medical documents – Don’t make the mistake of discarding or losing the documents related to your hospitalization, rehabilitation, or medication. These documents are important because they will give the insurance company a clear picture on how severe your condition is as a result of the accident. It is recommended to collect them and properly stored so you can easily show it to your crash lawyers.
  • Collect documents proving your income – If you are not able to report to work due to your injuries from the accident, it is important to keep all documents proving such. These documents will verify that you indeed lose wages due to the incident. Your Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer can use these documents to prove how much money you have lost as a result of your injuries from the accident.
  • Do not take actions without your lawyer – Your trusted bicycle injury attorney will serve as your best companion in your case. Don’t make the mistake of signing any documents or agreeing to any negotiation deals without his or her approval. Before doing any actions that can affect your case, consult first your bicycle accident attorney to be sure that you will not compromise your case.

Your attorney can only do so much in defending your rights and ensuring the victory in your case as your actions are also a factor. If you make mistakes that can compromise the validity of your claim, your efforts may go futile.

Keep in mind that insurance companies will do almost anything to avoid compensating you with maximum amount of damages, so every mistake you make, they will capitalize on it. The rule of thumb is to always consult your Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer and to follow his or her advice in order to avoid putting your case in jeopardy.

A Bicycle Accident Attorney should have an extensive experience in handling wide array of personal injury cases, including auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, premises accidents, as well as workplace accidents. Because of this, attorneys can promise nothing but the best legal services and representation possible.

If you want your bike accident case to be handled by aggressive and expert attorneys, contact any of these Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyer for free consultation. Their friendly and knowledgeable paralegal staffs are always ready to talk with you about your case and assure you of utmost confidentiality.

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